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 Book Chapters and Professional Articles

 Seo SN (2012) An Analysis of the Choice of Livestock Species under Global Warming in African and Latin American Farms. In. R. Mendelsohn and A. Dinar (eds.). Handbook of Climate Change and Agriculture. Edward Elgar Publishing, London.

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   S. Niggol Seo, PhD (06' Yale Univ.)

   Prof. Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

   Muaebak Institute of Global Warming Studies.


   Editor-in-Chief, Handbook of Behavioural Economics, Ewdard Elgar (UK).


  For contact: niggol dot seo @ aya dot yale dot edu

Professor S. Niggol SEO is a natural resource economist who specializes in the study of global warming and globally shared goods. He received a Ph.D. degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics from Yale University  in May 2006 with a dissertation on microbehavioral models of global warming. Born in a rural village in South Korea in 1972, he was invited for a doctoral study at UC Berkeley, Oxford Univ., and Yale University. At Yale University, he learned from Professors Robert Mendelsohn and William Nordhaus (awarded Nobel Prize in 2018)  on the economics of global warming. Since 2003, he has worked on various World Bank  projects on climate change in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. He held Professor positions in the UK, Spain, and Australia from 2006 to 2015. He was a visiting Professor at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok in 2017. 

Prof. Seo has published over a hundred (peer reviewed) articles on global warming economics, which includes eight books. He has been on the editorial boards of the three journals: Food Policy, Climatic Change, Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy. 

Among the academic honors he has received are a Chancellor’s Honor for the best university graduate  from Seoul National University and a full scholarship and stipend support from Yale University for the Ph.D. degree program. He received an Outstanding Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy Article Award from the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association in Pittsburgh in June 2011. 

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