Muaebak Institute

of Global Warming Studies

Programs at the Muaebak Institute are being developed in three major activity areas: Research, Education, and Extension. Please check with us again for available programs.

​An expression of interest should be sent to 

Courses Offered [depending upon requests]

Environmental Economics (Spring 2016)

Natural Resource Economics (Spring, 2016)

Economics and Policy of Global Warming (Fall, 2016)

Statistical Methods  (Fall, 2016)

MIGWS Programs

Muaebak Visiting Scholar 

The Muaebak Institute of Global Warming Studies (MIGWS) invites applications for our visiting scholar program. A visiting scholar is expected to reside at the Institute for a short term working on a well-defined research project on global warming and climatic changes. The Institute offers an office and/or a guestroom to the visiting scholar for two weeks. 

Muaebak Fellow

We invite an individual as well as accept an application for a MIGWS Fellow position at the Institute. The MIGWS Fellow is an affiliated researcher with the Institute and is chosen on the basis of the applicant's capability of providing valuable ideas and inputs to the MIGWS research programs. The Institute offers the Fellow an office and/or a guestroom for one week visit to the Institute each year.

​​The MIGWS Research Programs

The Project on Economics of Tropical Cyclones and Global Warming

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​The Project on Adaptations to Climate Change in Agriculture in Thailand
   : tba

​The Project on Economics of Adaptation Behaviors to Climate Change
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